Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Collapse of Worlds

Well, the other day one of the most iconic games got its sequel. This game was none other than Portal 2 blowing me away and reminding the gaming nation of the reason why it has a "cult following" as valve would put it. My run through single player was faster the speed it takes to portal over a gap but non the less is still amazing and filled with achivements to get. I felt like moving on to co-op on my Ps3 due to my computers lack of power, but to my dismay Psn was down. Frantically I searched and found that my entire world has been powered down for a number a days, oh well thats what you get for non subscription internet I suppose. (darn you xbox) *shaking fist into the air*. In the future there will be more game commentary and reviews comming up but for not stay nerdy.


  1. Great post, friend! Say, I recognize that symbol on your headphones from a game my nephew used to play all the time, and his birthday's coming up. Do you think I could ask where you got such a fine pair? Of headphones, friend. Get yer mind out of the gutter.

  2. Hahaha uhh sure I got some customize-able headphones, you'll usually find them in target, and thier definatley on the online store. Then I just choose these wonder designs to put in them. There great quality to you won't be disapointed.