Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A week at a Glance (edit)

First of brink overall bombed and has been stated to suck on a multitude of websites. (going into detail later)
Second here's just a little moment of geekdom for any pokedorks that follow me. Okay
I had nerdy moment, when there was a spider in my room and I still had one of those Easter egg capsules left in my room so I was like (serious mode activate) "time to catch me a spinarak". I advanced upon the eight legged creature carefully knowing not of what level it was because sadly my pokedex was with my other jacket. So I went by instinct slowly creeping up to it, weakening it with a spray a of water then catching it within my make shift pokeball. Later I proceeded to release it into the wild and no spiders were harmed...this time.

Third Not sucha huge question, but where might one find an entertaining part time job
As of 5/14/11 8:30p.m. its has been proven that the sony playstation network is running efficiently alive and well


  1. You fool! you gotta catch em all !

  2. I dont think there are any entertaining part time jobs